It's reliable and convenient: COMINVESTBANK offers the best conditions in Transcarpathia for using bank cells


Christmas holidays in Transcarpathia begin on December 6 and last more than a month. So it isn't surprising that preparations for their celebration already begin in the end of autumn. On the holidays eve as well as during the winter holidays take care about preserving your own values with COMINVESTBANK.

It's reliable and convenient: COMINVESTBANK offers the best conditions in Transcarpathia for using bank cells

Transcarpathian Bank offers its customers better conditions for using bank cells. There is almost anything for storing inside the ones which is a value for a customer. Usually it is about money, securities, important documents, seals, jewelry, precious metals, works of art, antiques and much more..

Individual bank safes are usually divided into sizes, so as not to be mistaken in choosing it is necessary to measure the approximate value of the relevant values. For example, JSC «Cominvestbank» offers its clients a cell size of 325 for 395 mm and a height from 7.5 to 35 cm.

You can rent a cell for any term, but if it is larger then you have the more economy. For example, for a day, renting a small safe at COMINVESTBANK is 24 UAH, and per a year this safe will cost the customer about 2000 UAH, instead of almost 9 thousand, if you pay for 24 UAH during 365 days.

Of course, clients should trust their values to a reputable financial institution only, first having made sure of the reliability of its repository. It is isolated and has several security levels within COMINVESTBANK, including 24-hours security, armoured doors, video surveillance, alarm system, etc.

In addition, opening a cell is possible in COMINVESTBANK using 2 keys only: first one remains with the client, another is stored in the bank.

As it is convinced in the Transcarpathian bank, the renting procedure takes no more than 20 minutes. The client is offered to sign a typical agreement, which includes the rules and all features for using the individual safe such as possibility for opening of cell by third persons on tenant demand.

COMIVESTBANK's safes are located in Uzhhorod, Mukachevo, Vynohradiv, Khust, Mizhhiria, Tiachiv and Dnipro departments. You can find detailed information as to tariffs and offices location following the bank's official site.

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